Collective identity structuration

Organization’s culture and collective consciousness. A modern approach of collective identity structuration.

Identifying the Organizational personality of your company is essential to improve your talent acquisition funnel and attract the talents you need to complete your team and reach your goal.

Organizational success may require people with particular personality characteristics i.e. certain behaviors will be more or less desirable and may make individuals more or less effective and efficient and therefore able to fulfill organizational goals. Personality determines individuals’ ability to interact with their working environment, enabling them to behave according to the requirements of a particular context. Therefore Identifying Organization’s personality should be helpful to the organization that applies a modern approach of talent acquisition, focused on matching instead of aggregation.

We can use organization social data, annual report, employees‘ resumes and assessment results to Identify the Organizational Personality of your company.


To build a team is like cooking. You do not want your dish too salty. You pay attention to the balance and harmony of ingredients. You can do this because most of the time, you have a recipe. Most of all, you know which jar contains salt, which contains sugar.

Personality reflects how employees get on with each other and their work.

Psychometrics describes the process of mental measurement through the application of tests of personality or characteristic such as ability or aptitude. Personality measurements may be used to enable decisions relating to people: employees-who to recruit and select for employment, who to use for a particular role or task, who to use in a particular group and who to use for an overseas assignment and who to promote or develop; customers-how to develop and market products and services.

But all this efforts would not be relevant if, in the end, it doesn’t help the organization personality to fit with the value described by its marketing services on its website.


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