GOOD.CO “The eHarmony of Jobs” -TIME

First article of the year. May be the most important as it confirm the expanding potential of the talent acquisition microverse. We decide to focus on GOOD.CO as their approach of talent acquisition is similar to our.
The company was founded in January 2012. Since it raised  raised $3 million in funding and took part in TechStars Cloud program in 2013.’s quizzes are based on the Big Five personality traits, and Carl JUNG 16 archetypes. At BRAINBOARD SOLUTIONS, we like

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Good & Co is a revolutionary self-discovery app and social network built for those looking for greater happiness and meaning in their career, relationships and personal lives. The application can be download for free.

“The eHarmony of Jobs” -TIME

Take a fun personality quiz with your friends to:
– Discover your hidden personality strengths.
– Unlock the meaning of your relationships with friends & coworkers.
– Search and find the right company and profession to fit your personality
– Thrive in your workplace with science-based insight acquired from our set of fun, psychology-backed questionnaires.
– Share the journey with friends! Our enhanced social experience allows you to interact and grow with your friends like never before.

Good & Co Press:
– Mashable: “[Good & Co] lets you see how well your personality matches up with specific companies and employees.”
– NYTimes: “[Good & Co] is organized around helping both job seekers and employers find the right cultural fit.”
– FastCompany: “Want a workplace environment that makes you happy? Find your cultural fit with any company!”
– USNews: “Don’t let the fun behind the questions let you think there isn’t any science behind it. The site uses a proprietary psychometric algorithm to assess your potential as an employee.”
– TIME: “The eHarmony of Jobs”
– PandoDaily: “The job-hunting lovechild of eHarmony and LinkedIn”
– FastCompany: “How To Create Meaningful Workplace Relationships”
– Webby’s: “Go from ‘take this job and shove it’ to ‘take this job and love it.'”

Customer Praise
– “Wickedly accurate. I’ve spent twenty minutes with this app and it has my personality spelled out! Love it.”
– “This is not only a fun app, but I’m learning more about myself at the same time.”

Gain awesome insights from Good & Co and dive into the inner workings of your friends, family members and colleagues’ personalities. With an ever-growing company base for you to find your cultural fit with, it’s even easier to find the occupation to fit your unique personality type.

If you like the standard personality quizzes, you’ll love Good & Co. Our fun assessment is a more evolved and scientifically valid, contemporary version of the traditional personality quizzes such as StrengthsFinder or Big Five. Hundreds of thousands of iOS users have used Good & Co to assess their personality, identify their ideal career planning path and find a workplace to perfectly match their personality and skills.

Why use Good & Co?
– Assess your personality and identify your strengths with our fun psychological quizzes.
– Explore your network and find a personality fit among people and companies.
– Start advancing your career.
– Find your perfect fit with people, companies and jobs.
– It’s 100% free!

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