#Generations | Diversity is changing workforce dynamics

Generational diversity is changing workforce dynamics. Traditionalists, baby boomers, Gen Xers and millennials have different priorities, attitudes, communication styles, work approaches and ways to interact with colleagues, which are influencing organizational culture and performance. There are also common and unifying characteristics across all generations that can be leveraged to create optimal teams, critical for future organizations models.

To help companies build an organizational culture that develops and nurtures employees, leaders must implement three key strategies :

– Build a strong generational foundation: Leaders need to understand their organization’s employee profile and develop programs and policies that will support individuals at all levels of the organization.

– Establish effective generational management practices: Leaders must focus on increasing the level of generational understanding among managers and supervisors so they can better manage their teams and relieve generational tensions in the workplace.

– Build generational competence: Once generational strengths are identified and leaders develop practices to leverage these strengths, they can spread generational understanding and sensitivity among the entire workforce.

This week we will focus on the Traditionalists, baby boomers as we want to analyse the effects of collaboration of this generations with Gen X and Millenials in startups environment.