Senior Data Scientist at Zalando SE

The Zalando Data Intelligence Team is searching for a new top analyst. We already know of an excellent candidate with top analytical and programming skills. Unfortunately, we don’t know her exact whereabouts but we only have some vague information where she might be. Can you tell us where to best send our recruiters and plot an easy to read map of your solution for them?

The challenge
This is what we could extract from independent sources:

The candidate is likely to be close to the river Spree. The probability at any point is given by a Gaussian function of its shortest distance to the river. The function peaks at zero and has 95% of its total integral within +/-2730m. A probability distribution centered around the Brandenburg Gate also informs us of the candidate’s location. The distribution’s radial profile is log-normal with a mean of 4700m and a mode of 3877m in every direction. A satellite offers further information: with 95% probability she is located within 2400 m distance of the satellite’s path (assuming a normal probability distribution).

Salary: Undisclosed
Full time Job Position
Attributes and Skills: Database Modeling, Machine Learning, Python, Algorithms, Big Data
Studies: Master, Computer Science, STEM, Science, Engineering
Languages:  English, Advanced

Available to candidates from: Europe, Asia, North America, South America

About Zalando
Located just a few blocks away from Berlin’s famous Alexanderplatz, Zalando’s Tech Headquarter is a center of constant innovation and buzz. Here’s where you’ll find hundreds of technologists working on topics like the Zalando fashion store, inspiring apps, intelligent logistic software solutions, algorithms and other technical aspects of Zalando’s complex platform. It is also the host location of our international four week onboarding program.

Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform, doing business in 15 markets. Delivering first-class shopping experiences to our +15 million customers requires moving fast — with microservices, Agile processes & autonomous teams — and using cutting edge, open source technologies. We are passionate about what we do and have fun while doing it. And we are willing to experiment and make mistakes: It’s how we grow.

A place for Data Scientists
The opportunity Welcome to Zalando, one of the most exciting places for data scientists in Europe. Our department develops and applies highly scalable algorithms to recognize patterns and trends in data from every corner of the Zalando process. Current live projects include product recommendation for our website, fraud detection for orders, optimizing the mix of channels for marketing and much more. We create statistical models, apply state-of-the-art algorithms to our gigantic database, visualize the results and get the impact, all while keeping our focus on increasing customer satisfaction and creating shareholder value. If you have a good idea, you will have the tools to calculate it, the data to test it and millions of customers in 14 countries to benefit from the results. Bold projects, detailed analysis, quick turnaround and fun at work: that is data science at Zalando. What we are looking for *When you see a problem, you latch on and cannot let go until it is solved. If this describes you, check out the teaser problem below *You have a Master or PhD in Machine Learning, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or another quantitative field and having published in highly ranked journals would be a plus *4 or more years experience in the analysis of real data with the tools of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Time Series Analysis and Computational Statistics. You should be able to, for example, clearly explain the differences, advantages and disadvantages of different classification, clustering and regression algorithms *Solid programming ideally in Python and logical thinking skills that enable you to solve problems like *You can translate the business problems from different departments into quantitative terms and present the results in an easily understandable manner *Deep skepticism of, plus the ability to identify and debunk, buzzword mumbo jumbo, false assumptions and analysis.

Other Information

Please make use of the additional information in the file If you send us the solution with both code and diagram along with your application, it will help us better assess your skills. However, the task is not mandatory.

Want to join us? Then go ahead and apply!

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